The Rebelling Animals

Task description: Today we were shown a photo of animals and their habitat being destroyed then we had to create a story about it. Here is my story about the photo.

One day Lex Luthor bought some land. He bought a zoo and wanted to tear it down! The animals were against his idea and decided to rebel! They called the Justice League sadly only Batman and Superman were available.

Lex Luthor thought they’d call the Justice League, so he surrounded the place with kryptonite, luckily Batman gave Superman a kryptonite proof suit. Lex Luthor thought it was impossible but Batman proved him wrong.

Batman stopped the machines with an e.m.p and Superman dealt with Luthor. The land was auctioned off and Luthor was arrested for destroying animal property. The buyer knew that the zoo was animal property and made it more wild than ever.

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