Year: 2022

Sad-Happy Gif

This term I made a gif. This was for my inquiry project. I found this fun because I like to draw. I hope you like my gif.

My Movie

Today I made a movie. I made this with my friend Jaxson. Thanks to Mrs Moala for letting us use some students in her class. Unfortunately We didn’t have enough time to film Jaxson’s part of the script or use his music. I hope you like our video.

Niue Response to text

Niue – Questions

Use this article here to help answer the questions below, highlight the answer. 


1) This week it is _____ language week.

  1. a) Samoan b) Tongan
  2. c) Fijian d) Niuean


2) What is Niue often referred to as?

  1. a) The sun spot of Polynesia b) The Rock of Polynesia
  2. c) The tiny island nation d) The heart of the Pacific


3) Who was the first European settler to sight Niue?

  1. a) Captain James Cook b) Captain Jack Sparrow
  2. c) Captain James Busby c) Captain Hook


i) When did he sight Niue?

→ 1774


4) How many attempts did Captain Cook make to land in Niue? 

  1. a) Three b) Two
  2. c) None d) One
  3. i) Why do you think the people of Niue refused to let him set foot on shore?

→ I think they refused him to step foot because the thought he was trying to conquer the island.


5) What is the population of Niue

  1. a) 1,200 b) 16,00
  2. c) 1,600 d) 500


6) Why are the people of Niue considered to be New Zealand citizens?

→ Because they are a part of the commonwealth.


7) There are more Niuean people living in Niue than anywhere else in the world?

  1. a) True b) False


8) Find one interesting fact about Niue and write it here:

  →Most niueans live outside of Niue.


The Sphinx

Throughout this term Year 5&6 extension has been learning all about archaeology. We had to find an archaeological site like The Great Pyramids Of Giza, Pompeii and many others. I chose to draw The Sphinx. I found doing the head challenging but I persevered and made it to the end. The easiest part was the background. The background was easy because I just used lines and the paint bucket. I hope you like this drawing.