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ANZAC Response To Text

ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget

Response to Text. Highlight or answer each question to the best of your ability, including important information and detail to your answers.


Level One: Skim and Scan

  1. When did the Gallipoli campaign take place?
  1. a) 1914-1915
  2. b) 1915-1916
  3. c) 1916-1917
  4. d) 1914-1918


  1. What was the main goal of the Gallipoli campaign?
  1. a) To capture Constantinople
  2. b) To establish a sea route to Russia
  3. c) To secure valuable territory in the Middle East
  4. d) To invade Russia


  1. Who were the primary opponents of the ANZACs at Gallipoli?
  1. a) The Germans
  2. b) The Austro-Hungarian Empire
  3. c) The Ottoman Empire
  4. d) The British


Level Two: Vocabulary


  1. ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps; what is a corps?


A corps is…  A subdivision of an army, this means that there are multiple subdivisions in a corps.


  1. Complete this table
Word Definition Use in Article Your own sentence
Significant Significant, when something is noteworthy. ANZAC Day is a significant event in the history of New Zealand and Australia. His work is significant.
Etched Etched, to carve or engrave something into a hard surface The events that took place in Gallipoli, Turkey are etched in the collective memory of New Zealanders,  She etched her initials into her table.
Inadequate Inadequate, When you don’t have enough quality or quantity. The ANZACs faced many challenges, including shortages of supplies, and had inadequate amounts of medical facilities. The other team had an inadequate amount of players.


Level Three: Inferencing


  1. What were some of the most significant challenges that the ANZAC soldiers faced during the Gallipoli campaign? Try to include examples.


  1. The terrain, by this I mean that the ANZACs had a disadvantage because they were at the bottom of a really steep hill and the enemy was on top and had a better view point.


  1. Comrades, In this fight the ANZACs lost over 100,000 friends, soldiers and family.


  1. Which values are reflected in the ANZAC Day traditions and events? 


  1. Courage, the ANZACs showed a lot of courage in the fight against the Ottoman.


  1. Commitment, the ANZACs showed much commitment to NZ and Australia because they never backed out and they kept on fighting.


  1. Sacrifice, the ANZACs sacrificed many things but some really important things they sacrificed were time with their family and they sacrificed their job and making money for their family.


  1. Why do you think the commemoration of ANZAC Day has endured for so long, even as the actual events of the Gallipoli campaign have faded from living memory?


Level Four: Connections to Our World 


  1. What are some examples of courage, sacrifice, and commitment that we can see in our own community?

When my uncle was dying I saw many people giving up their day and night to help him and my auntie, My parents gave up work to help them out and I was at their house instead of being at school.

French Food

Task description: Today we have been learning all about French food or French cuisine as it is know in France. We had to read an article today telling us about French food. We then had to answer questions related to what we had read. Below is the answers to the questions. Each answer is highlighted. 

French Food

Please read the article on French Food here before answering the questions.

1) Food in France is also known as French

a) Fries               b) Toast
c) Cuisine        d) Cheese

2) French food has influenced the style of cooking throughout 

a) North America      b) Europe
c) Australasia             d) Asia

3) In the South of France people prefer to use this in their cooking

a) butter             b) canola oil
) water               d) olive oil and garlic

4) A well known type of bread in France is called a 

a) scone         b) baguette
c) crepe         d) bun

5) Crepes are usually filled with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit

a) True                     b) False

6) Crepes are never filled with a savoury filling

a) True                           b) False

7) A well known cheese that the French are famous for is 

a) Colby                    b) Cheddar
c) Camembert     d) Mozzarella cheese

8) Ratatouille is a thick stew that is made from these vegetables

a) carrots and peas                       b) lettuce and cabbage
c) kumara and corn                      d) tomatoes and bell peppers

9) The word ratatouille translates to 

a) motley crew        b) motley stew
c) motley crue        d) mouldy stew

10) Escargot is the French name for 

a) cheese                   b) truffles
c) snails                     d) baguettes

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