Extension Catchup 2 (Storyboard Advice)

This term, the Year 5 & 6 Extension has been making a movie for our Manaiakalani Film Festival movie. Before we could start filming we had to get into groups to start storyboarding. I was in a group of 3 people including me and in that group were Jaxon, Aliana and I. This is how we did this and on top of that I am going  give you some advice. To start we got a sheet of paper with the words that we chose to storyboard. For this we had to write our ideas with arrows pointing to the words we planned them for. After we wrote the ideas down we then had to draw our ideas and write the words that belonged to the picture and some explanations to them like saying what we might need and if it’s an animation or not. Finally we needed to cut out the pictures so we could then glue them onto a bigger storyboard that had the printed word on them and then glue the explanations for them. You can see the finished story board below. For advice I would recommend planning the storyboard before you make it so that you know what your doing.

Extension Catchup 3 (My Job Experience)

Throughout this term the year 5 and 6 extension have been working together to make a movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Our topic was a book made by Dr. Zeus called Oh The Places You’ll go. We all had our own jobs to work on. 3 others and I were videographers. The 3 others were Catherine, Jaxson and Sophia. I was also in 1 scene in our movie and I helped edit just a little bit.

Before we started we had to figure out what to film. After looking at the storyboard we decided on filming one of the kids getting out of bed for the line “Congratulations today is your day” which was hard because she would keep on smiling and looking at the camera and that looked unnatural and it took so many tries. So many in fact that I learnt being a videographer required lots of patience. After filming the bed scene we came back so we could get a photo camera so we could do a stop motion of her shoes going onto her feet for the line “You have feet in your shoes”. It took a while because we had to keep on moving her shoes one after another.

When we finished filming, we came back and got a film camera so we could film the narrators going into the library to get the book Oh The Places You’ll go. To do that we took many videos; one where the narrators are walking into the library and one where they walk to the books to look and grab the book. This was hard especially for the narrators because they had to stay still. We did that so That when they walked it looked clean and not all choppy. This was another example that being a videographer takes patience. When we finished that scene it was 2:30 (Home Time) so we had to go back to class to put the camera away. Sadly I have short term memory and I can’t remember the rest.

When I was acting I had to get down on my knees and act like I got third place in a competition. I was getting directed by Jaxson another videographer. This took a few tries because the other actors and I would keep on smiling. I enjoyed this because it meant that I got to be in a scene and because I got to see how it felt to be told what to do instead of telling people what to do.

For my final job I was an editor meaning I got to help edit our movie. For this job I had shorten some scenes that were too long because we had a time budget which was 3 minutes. I also got to help with a stop motion of a kid climbing a mountain in Imovie.

In conclusion I had a lot of jobs. through those jobs I learnt a lot but I mainly learnt how to cooperate with people and how to communicate better. I also learnt how to handle a camera better and how to edit things better.