My Time In The Water

Task description: Today we wrote about a time in the water. I wrote about the summer holidays. I hope you like it.


One day in the Summer Holidays, I went to a pink sand beach up north! I went with my family and our friends. We went because we heard it was a fun and safe beach. I had lots of fun.


Before The Water

Before we got in the water we put on sunscreen and played in the sand. When lunch was ready we ate hot-dogs and ham and cheese sandwiches. When we were done San-jay, one of our friends went to dock the jet-ski!


The Water Play

Shreya, Caylee, Shona and I were playing in the water. We played a fun game where Caylee was a good guy and the rest were bad guys. We were trying to evilize Caylee but she was too good to be bad. When San-jay was there with the jet-ski we stopped playing and took turns on the jet-ski. When we finished we all went to where we were staying. It was really fun and I hope we do it again next Summer Holidays.

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