Month: March 2022

My Time In The Water

Task description: Today we wrote about a time in the water. I wrote about the summer holidays. I hope you like it.


One day in the Summer Holidays, I went to a pink sand beach up north! I went with my family and our friends. We went because we heard it was a fun and safe beach. I had lots of fun.


Before The Water

Before we got in the water we put on sunscreen and played in the sand. When lunch was ready we ate hot-dogs and ham and cheese sandwiches. When we were done San-jay, one of our friends went to dock the jet-ski!


The Water Play

Shreya, Caylee, Shona and I were playing in the water. We played a fun game where Caylee was a good guy and the rest were bad guys. We were trying to evilize Caylee but she was too good to be bad. When San-jay was there with the jet-ski we stopped playing and took turns on the jet-ski. When we finished we all went to where we were staying. It was really fun and I hope we do it again next Summer Holidays.

The Rebelling Animals

Task description: Today we were shown a photo of animals and their habitat being destroyed then we had to create a story about it. Here is my story about the photo.

One day Lex Luthor bought some land. He bought a zoo and wanted to tear it down! The animals were against his idea and decided to rebel! They called the Justice League sadly only Batman and Superman were available.

Lex Luthor thought they’d call the Justice League, so he surrounded the place with kryptonite, luckily Batman gave Superman a kryptonite proof suit. Lex Luthor thought it was impossible but Batman proved him wrong.

Batman stopped the machines with an e.m.p and Superman dealt with Luthor. The land was auctioned off and Luthor was arrested for destroying animal property. The buyer knew that the zoo was animal property and made it more wild than ever.

French Food

Task description: Today we have been learning all about French food or French cuisine as it is know in France. We had to read an article today telling us about French food. We then had to answer questions related to what we had read. Below is the answers to the questions. Each answer is highlighted. 

French Food

Please read the article on French Food here before answering the questions.

1) Food in France is also known as French

a) Fries               b) Toast
c) Cuisine        d) Cheese

2) French food has influenced the style of cooking throughout 

a) North America      b) Europe
c) Australasia             d) Asia

3) In the South of France people prefer to use this in their cooking

a) butter             b) canola oil
) water               d) olive oil and garlic

4) A well known type of bread in France is called a 

a) scone         b) baguette
c) crepe         d) bun

5) Crepes are usually filled with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit

a) True                     b) False

6) Crepes are never filled with a savoury filling

a) True                           b) False

7) A well known cheese that the French are famous for is 

a) Colby                    b) Cheddar
c) Camembert     d) Mozzarella cheese

8) Ratatouille is a thick stew that is made from these vegetables

a) carrots and peas                       b) lettuce and cabbage
c) kumara and corn                      d) tomatoes and bell peppers

9) The word ratatouille translates to 

a) motley crew        b) motley stew
c) motley crue        d) mouldy stew

10) Escargot is the French name for 

a) cheese                   b) truffles
c) snails                     d) baguettes

The Lost Penguin

Dear diary, today I saw an emperor penguin. It was going for a swim in the Antarctic oceans. When it came up it had ten fish in its mouth so I could tell it was a male penguin. At that moment I wondered what I would do if I was a penguin.


So one day I went on a food trip. I hopped into the ocean. I chased down fish after fish, but this one fish kept on getting away. I went to the surface and I dropped all the fish in my nest. Then I jumped back in the water to chase that fish. I ended up getting lost but I did catch that fish. I remembered the landmarks on the way back. I was able to get home in time for dinner.


The end

The Frozen palace

Once, this place had been filled with colour and sunshine. Once, this place had seen thousands of people come and go. Once, this had been the happiest of places, filled with laughter and joy. Now, everything was cold. Everyone was gone. Well, almost everyone. The last person there is the guy who created ice, snow and any cold thing. His name is Jack Frost.

Jack loved the cold, so at first the palace was a paradise. However, he was soon bored and lonely. When 200 days passed, the palace was melting and showing stone because people were melting their way in. Jack was relieved to see daylight and people again. The people asked him what happened and he told them about it, they were shocked to see him alive. In the end the people defrosted the palace and found gold and became rich for Jack,well he went back to making blizzards and snow.

The end