State Of Matter Response To Text

States of Matter – Response to Text

Answer each question to the best of your ability, using full sentences and make sure to include detail in your responses.


  1.   What are the three states of matter commonly found on Earth, and what are TWO of their properties?


State #1:Solid State #2:Liquid State #3:Gas
Property #1:Solids are rigid, some are also sharp Property #1: Liquid flows easily and takes the shape of its container Property #1:Gas atoms can move freely and are contained in a metal container so it doesn’t explode
Property #2:Solids can be hard or soft. Property #2:Liquids have a definite volume but not a definite mass. Property #2:Gasses have no definite vollume or mass


  1. What is the fourth state of matter called?
    1. Electrons
    2. Particles
  • Plasma
  1. Laser


  1. What happens to the speed of molecules when the temperature increases?
  • They move quicker
  1. They move slower
  2. They move at the same speed
  3. They explode.


  1. Explain what happens to the molecules in a liquid when they are cooled down to their freezing point.


They stop moving as much and they become a solid


  1. Explain what happens to the molecules in a liquid when they are heated to their boiling point.


They liquid starts to evaporate and turn into gas


  1. What could be the reason for the fact that gases can be compressed more easily than solids or liquids?


The reason could be because the atoms in a gas can move freely and because of that they can then be compressed easily.


  1. Explain how each of these jobs might need to understand and work with different types of matter. (You may need to research to find out more)


Job Gas Liquid Solid
Baker Bakers can smell steam when they are making potatoes. Bakers use oil when they are cooking to make sure nothing sticks to the pan. Bakers use Bread when they are preparing garlic bread.


Firefighter smell smoke well they rescue people from a burning building. Firefighter use water while they put out fires Firefighters use Hoses to put out fires.
Welder Carbon monoxide can be smelled because of the temperature of the materials carbonating. Welders use Welding fluid to make sure the weld works. Welders use steel when they are welding the steel together


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