Month: March 2023

Penn Reflection

Last week On the 22 of march I was on my school’s news. I Thought that I did well with expression but I lacked a good smile. Next time I would like to try and get the script said without any mistakes. I also would like to have more expression.

Here’s the news from the day

Edmund Hillary Biography

Edmund Hillary

When Hillary was a child he attended Tuakau Primary. While he was there His mother was a teacher and his father published the Dargaville newspaper. Edmund Hillary had a sister called June and a brother named Rex.

The hills, creeks and mountains in Tuakau were calling for adventure. In no time he was playing all around there. Hillary was always looking for ways to have adventures and always found them.

Hillary’s family had a well known beekeeping business. After university Hillary joined the NZ airforce. While he was in the Air Force he realised He liked mountaineering and that’s when he decided to climb Mt Everest.