The Frozen palace

Once, this place had been filled with colour and sunshine. Once, this place had seen thousands of people come and go. Once, this had been the happiest of places, filled with laughter and joy. Now, everything was cold. Everyone was gone. Well, almost everyone. The last person there is the guy who created ice, snow and any cold thing. His name is Jack Frost.

Jack loved the cold, so at first the palace was a paradise. However, he was soon bored and lonely. When 200 days passed, the palace was melting and showing stone because people were melting their way in. Jack was relieved to see daylight and people again. The people asked him what happened and he told them about it, they were shocked to see him alive. In the end the people defrosted the palace and found gold and became rich for Jack,well he went back to making blizzards and snow.

The end

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